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For ourselves
and for humanity
You can also write a Mandala for yourself and for humanity by participating in the Divine Beings Program.

Usually these Mandalas are written with a very fine black pen, and with no design. The program is called “Shinjin Program” in Japanese, Shinjin meaning a “divine being”.

Divinity “IN” for Self

Before starting your Mandala, take a few moments in silence to enter into contact with what you are creating.
This will help to concentrate your thoughts and energize your Mandala.
Mandalas can be made by using different colors, designs and patterns. They can be created individually or collectively and there are various sizes.
Mandalas are wonderful experiences for both adults and children.

How to make a Mandala?

We suggest that you use a fine point pen. Start writing from the smallest, center-most inner circle.
Write the words as closely as possible to each other. Write in a clockwise direction. (If you language reads from right to left, write counter clockwise)
When you have filled in one ring, move to the the next ring up. When you write in the outermost ring, take care that the last word completely fits in the ring. You are free to choose the writing instruments, colors, style of writing, designs and positive words you like.
You may want to use a pencil first to draw a design on the paper. Changing the color of the pen as you come to design, creates the image. You may like to use just one color or may be no design. The choice is yours, it is your creation.

You can write any language and any alphabet that you wish. You can also combine various languages or writing systems. You can use the same expression again and again or you can mix various ones. We invite you to try this joyful experience for yourself and for the planet and discover the beauty of your creation through the power of your positive words.

Mandala papers of all sizes, are available for sale from Byakko. For more on Mandala writing and Mandala making, and to obtain mandala outlines >> Click here

Mandalas are a continuous source of infinite energy that is generated by the words you put in them, they silently continue emitting infinite love and peace to all beings and to all life on earth. We thank you infinitely for joining this project of light.

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