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Mount Fuji, a view from Fuji Sanctuary's Prayer Field

Byakko originated in Japan over forty years ago. It is an organization dedicated to world peace and raising the consciousness of everyone and every living being on earth. Its activities are rooted in the universal prayer for world peace, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”, advocated by the late founder, Masahisa Goi, as well as other powerful forms of easy to practice spiritual techniques.

The Fuji Sanctuary, in Fujinomiya Japan, is the headquarters of Byakko.
Friends and supporters of Byakko have gathered at the Fuji Sanctuary for many decades to pray for the peace of the world, and to invoke prayers of gratitude and love to humanity as well as all living things on this earth.

The highly evolved Fuji Sanctuary is overflowing with a spiritual energy due to these steadfast prayer activities, which impart a wonderful sense of peace and revitalization to all who visit. The Fuji Sanctuary is open year round, and visitors are always welcome.

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